Set decorations needed!

Do you have any trinkets, knick-knacks, baby dolls or posters that would look right at home in Columbia and Magenta's bedroom?  We need your help!

Over President's Day weekend (February 18th-20th), I and my assembled cast (featuring Lizzie Bernard of California's Barely Legal cast, and Elizabeth Roberts from Pittsburgh's renowned Rage of the Stage theatre group) will be filming "Bedroom Scenes," a brand new short film starring Magenta and Columbia.  Over the past several months, this project has blossomed into a collaborative effort by Rocky fans the world over, even gaining the support of Patricia Quinn herself.

BUT... we need Pittsburgh's help!  While we do realize that we can't replicate the girls' bedroom exactly (those pesky wall-sized Eddie photos are just so hard to find), we want to be sure to fill it with the sort of decorations that would suit their style, and create a room suitably reminiscent of the original.  We're looking for the following....
  • Large black curtains, tarps or blankets
  • Plastic baby dolls
  • A copy of the "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" LP
  • Band posters (Sixties/Seventies preferred)
  • An old television set, preferably black and white
  • Old hairspray cans and makeup
  • Kitsch/retro artwork
If you have any of the above that you wouldn't mind lending us for the next couple weeks, please contact me at  All items will be returned to their owners immediately after shooting has completed, and will be properly handled to prevent any damage.

Thank you!

JCCP's Annual Double Feature!!


But November 5th brings the JCCP's ultimate science fiction double feature!!

SHOCK TREATMENT - not the prequel, not the sequel, but the equal, will be screened in 35MM FILM for the first time in almost 15 years in Pittsburgh.

Following it up is everyone's favorite cult film, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, celebrating its 35th Anniversary.

Shock Treatment starts at 10, Rocky Horror starts at midnight, but one ticket to both shows is only $10!!!

We'll have a costume contest before Rocky Horror - dress up as your favorite character. The winner receives an 8.5x11" still from the movie, AUTOGRAPHED BY BARRY FUCKING BOSTWICK!!!

Prop bags on sale for $3, bondage bears for $10. Come party with us after Halloween's over and let's do the time warp again!!!

Only at The Oaks Theater. 310 Allegheny River Blvd. in Oakmont, PA.

Tickets are now on sale online at

There's a light!

Troubled?  Depressed?  Addicted?  Just need a place to vent about your lousy day?  No matter what your problem may be, SHE'S SEEN IT!

More caring than a civilized West Virginian!

While I've heard in the past about portions of the Rocky Horror community reaching out to the safety and well-being of the public, there doesn't seem to be anything of that nature on Facebook.  So, I've started "Columbia Cares," a community outreach group intended as a means for Rocky Horror fans to provide support, advice and much-needed answers to the Facebook community at large. 

The idea for this group was fueled primarily by one Rocky performer's comment that a RHPS performance should be a safe environment for everyone.  (I believe this was stated in "A Regular Frankie Fan," but I've forgotten who said it.)  My goal is to spread that credo beyond the boundaries of a theater, and show anyone seeking tolerance and understanding, Rocky fan or otherwise, that Rocky Horror fans are known for both.  While scattered casts may have suicide hotlines and things of that nature, I would like to see that willingness to help the public spread to the entire fan base.

Posts will be moderated in order to keep Columbia Cares as much of a safe, comfortable environment as possible.  No insults, attacks or discrimination will be tolerated.  And of course, this castle will turn no one away!

The group can be found here...!/group.php?gid=116341515068854&ref=ts

As this blog likely only reaches a small audience, that's all the more reason for more people to help out!  Richard, Pat, Nell, and many others connected to Rocky have opened their hearts to their public over the years; let's show them that we can do the same.
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Hey there,
The JCCP and The Hollywood Theater will be shooting a commercial this Saturday, March 20th at Rocky Horror.

If you haven't been to a show yet, that's foolish, and make it out this weekend to be a part of Pittsburgh Rocky Horror history.

Come in your finest, fanciest fishnets, or the crappy, beat to hell corset you bought at Goodwill - either works.

Just come out and celebrate with the JCCP the beginning of spring time. Let's break 150 this show!!!

~ Jordan
Pres, the JCCP

Shock Treatment and Rocky Horror THIS SATURDAY in Dormont, PA!

Pittsburgh's Junior Chamber of Commerce Players present... SHOCK TREATMENT AND THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

The ultimate science fiction-double feature.

Shock Treatment:
A young couple appear on a campy game show called "Marriage Maze," and the result is as bizarre as it is disastrous. The show's lecherous host abducts the young woman, and sends her boyfriend to an insane asylum.

Rocky Horror Picture Show:
Brad Majors and his fiance Janet Weiss stumble upon the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite who is holding the annual convention of visitors from the planet Transsexual. Frank unveils his creation, a young man named Rocky Horror, who fears the doctor and rejects his sexual advances. When Frank announces that he is returning to the galaxy Transylvania, Riff Raff the butler and Magenta the maid declare that they have plans of their own.

Tickets are only $6 per film and The Hollywood is, as always, Pittsburgh's only BYOB theater. For this one, you're gonna need it...

Rocky Horror Cast List:
Frank-N-Furter: Chalupa
Riff Raff: Jordan McKinley
Magenta: Bettie D.
Columbia: Tina
Brad Majors: Oisin
Janet Weiss: Feelski
Rocky Horror: Teabag
Eddie/Dr. Scott: Jon
Criminologist: Sam
Trixie: Bettie D.

Shock Treatment Cast List:
Janet Majors - Feelski
Brad Majors - Jon
Farley Flavors - Sam
Cosmo McKinley - Jordan McKinley
Nation McKinley - Bettie D.
Judge Oliver Wright - Big Tom
Betty Hapschatt - Tina
Nurse Ansalong - Chalupa
"Rest Home" Ricky - Oisin
Bert Schnick - Little Gay Scott of the Satanic Mechanics
Emily Weiss - Jacob of the Satanic Mechanics
Harry Weiss - Sheffo?
Ralph Hapschatt - Teabag
Macy Struthers - Paris Hilton
Neely Pritt - Nicole
Vance Parker - Jake 1
Oscar Drill - Kev J.B. of Simply His Servants
Glish Davidson - Kial of the Satanic Mechanics
Brenda Drill - Ryan of Simply His Servants
Frankie - Ashleah of the Satanic Mechanics

We are still looking for the following roles:
Kirk the Coffee Guy
Bits drummer
Irwin Lapsey, president of Lapsey Autos

Shock Treatment in Pittsburgh THIS FRIDAY!!!

Hey all,
Sorry for the insanely short notice on this one, but the JCCP and Simply His Servants will be performing SHOCK TREATMENT at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA (like 3 minutes outside of Pittsburgh). The show's at midnight, no Rocky Horror to follow. That's on Saturday night.

With only two weeks to prep, this show's going to be a ton of fun, a real experiment in socialized medicine, if you will. If you're coming, let us know! It'd be nice to see some friends from the community.

Also if anyone has a Bert Schnick jacket just laying around that we could purchase/borrow, please let us know. We can't find one anywhere.

Hope to see you Friday,
~ Jordan
Pres, the JCCP
Pittsburgh, PA

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It's been many years since we've been able to call the theater one of our homes, but it's reopened, refurbished, fan-fucking-tastic, and going to be one hell of a fun time.  We, the JCCP, are the official cast at The Hollywood Theater (until further notice), so come on down and have a blast.

Doors open at 11:30, show starts at midnight.  Since the theater's new and this management's new to Rocky, we want to keep a few things in mind:

1.  No rice, hot dogs, prunes, rice, confetti, water, etc. - Anything that'll be hard to clean up or has the potential to rot/cause theater damage, we don't want it.  We understand the appeal of these things, but seriously, bad idea and you'd be asked to leave.

2.  The show is about fun.  As such, we're looking to please old JCCP fans and to also bring in new fans to Rocky.  If you're an old cast member and come down to the show, please come talk to us - we'd love to know what you think.  If you're a new audience member, please come talk to us - we'd love to know  what you think.  We'll also be hitting up the Tom's Diner after the show, so anyone that wants to come along is more than welcome.

3.  We can always use more cast members, so if you're interested, come on down and talk to us.  This show isn't possible without you guys, both audience and potential cast members, so on behalf of the JCCP, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support.

So come on down to the Hollywood Theater, 1449 Potomac Ave, Dormont PA.  Tickets are for this show and every show at The Hollywood only $6.  We'll have prop bags on sale for $3, toilet paper for $1, and bondage bears for $10. 

See you tomorrow (Saturday) night, and everyone have a blast!
~ Jordan

Calling all Transylvanians

Would anyone like to perform or help out at Rocky at The Hollywood this Saturday, Sept 5?

The Other Woman is a revolving door cast, with no permanent members or roles, it's all first come, first served.  If you've ever wanted to give Rocky a shot, this is your chance!