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05 February 2011 @ 01:43 pm
Set decorations needed!  
Do you have any trinkets, knick-knacks, baby dolls or posters that would look right at home in Columbia and Magenta's bedroom?  We need your help!

Over President's Day weekend (February 18th-20th), I and my assembled cast (featuring Lizzie Bernard of California's Barely Legal cast, and Elizabeth Roberts from Pittsburgh's renowned Rage of the Stage theatre group) will be filming "Bedroom Scenes," a brand new short film starring Magenta and Columbia.  Over the past several months, this project has blossomed into a collaborative effort by Rocky fans the world over, even gaining the support of Patricia Quinn herself.

BUT... we need Pittsburgh's help!  While we do realize that we can't replicate the girls' bedroom exactly (those pesky wall-sized Eddie photos are just so hard to find), we want to be sure to fill it with the sort of decorations that would suit their style, and create a room suitably reminiscent of the original.  We're looking for the following....
  • Large black curtains, tarps or blankets
  • Plastic baby dolls
  • A copy of the "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" LP
  • Band posters (Sixties/Seventies preferred)
  • An old television set, preferably black and white
  • Old hairspray cans and makeup
  • Kitsch/retro artwork
If you have any of the above that you wouldn't mind lending us for the next couple weeks, please contact me at knawdas@hotmail.com.  All items will be returned to their owners immediately after shooting has completed, and will be properly handled to prevent any damage.

Thank you!
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